Nov 11, 2013

Financial literacy lesson no. 2: Our vote is our financial wealth.

Remember lesson no. 1. We are owners of our country. Ownership should come with a huge citizen dividend which is confiscated by "our" government, the agent in charge of our common wealth. Over a lifetime, the citizen dividend can be close to a million dollars per person.

Lesson no. 2. Our vote is our way to get our citizen dividend. Our vote is our financial wealth.

Tell every politician that we are voting him out. Nobody gets a second term without giving us back our citizen dividend.

In US, UK and other countries, the parties supporting a citizen dividend or an unconditional basic income are usually small parties. The big dominating parties prefer to continue confiscating our citizen dividend. They know their strong competitors share the same ideal of confiscation.

They think they are safe. They think our votes cannot go elsewhere.

No longer. This is our response.

To all politicians: No Second Term. Until we get our citizen dividends.

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