Oct 9, 2013

Lee Kuan Yew wanted everywhere.

From blogging4myself
The current Prime Minister of Singapore hopes a future Prime Minister will be another Lee Kuan Yew. (Sep 2013)

Lee Kuan Yew is in demand everywhere. Right across the globe, Jamaica also longs for a Lee Kuan Yew. (Benevolent Dictator, Anyone? Sep 2013, by Ronald Mason)

"Enough. No more loose talk of our potential to be the greatest little country on earth. It's time to realise the dream. The thoughts of a benevolent dictator came in the acknowledgement of the 90th birthday on September 16 of Lee Kuan Yew. The Sustainability Institute has published an article titled 'Singapore leads the good life under a benevolent dictator."

It is also time for Singapore to have a Jay Hammond, the leader who established a permanent citizen dividend.

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