Oct 30, 2013

Individual offence, public fine?

There have been many reported fines on companies for various offences. The companies pay the fines, and the individuals responsible have no penalty.
Infosys likely to be fined $35 mln for visa related violations
Judge Fines Bank of America for Being a Big Bully
Bank of America fined $32 million for 'robocalls'
Bank of America fined $2 million for race discrimination
HSBC Faces $2.46 Billion Judgment in Securities Fraud Case
Barclays May Fight $297 Million Fine In Hedge Fund Dispute
LTA to fine SMRT and SBS Transit $1.1 million for service disruptions
Strange laws, right? It is, like, a political leader commits mass massacre and the country pays a fine while the political leader continues with no penalty.

It is telling the bankers, CEO, directors, management and other employees that they can go ahead and break the laws. Their companies will bear the legal consequences, not them.

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