Aug 2, 2013

Fast food workers earn less than their confiscated citizen ownership dividend

"Fast-food workers in New York City earn an average salary of $11,000 annually." 


"If half of oil tax revenues went into the fund, as Hammond envisioned, every Alaska family of four could expect to receive more than $16,000 this year."

If we consider a family of 2 adults and 2 children, if the adults are fast food workers, the family earns $22,000.

If the full oil tax revenues go into the Alaska Permanent Fund, the family of four could expect $32,000. Yes, that is $10,000 more than the wages from being fast food workers.

But, all the oil revenues have been confiscated by the governments.

That is the trouble with current democracies. The governments confiscated all the citizen ownership dividend and force large segments of the population into poverty. Then they pretend to help by giving food stamps.

In addition to going after their employers, the fast food workers should go after their governments.

Give us back our confiscated citizen ownership dividend.

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