Aug 17, 2013

Diary of a Singaporean Cabby: No, no, no.

Diary of a Singaporean CabbyWorking Hard After 65 Years Old?

From Singaporean Cabby
"Presently, my deepest sympathy goes to those impoverished elderly folks who are incapacitated and had to depend on the miserable government handouts to survive. Is ameliorating the cost of living of the elderly poor, wrong and ruinous on our Government's coffer? Will helping the truly poor elderly results in massive taxation and overloading the system, reducing the incentives to work and to save and care for one’s family?.
I say no, This Government's policy on welfarism needs a paradigm shift, soon, from one of penurious assistance to a more altruistic support for the elderly destitute. Is a shelter, two meals, and medical care for the elderly poor asking too much of the Government or is this Government still adamant on passing this integral responsibility to the private sector or are their mindset still stuck in the LKY's era?."

I would not call that "altruistic" support or "welfare" or "charity". It is justice: returning citizen dividend that has been confiscated from everyone. Actually, it would only be partial justice. Full justice means returning the full citizen dividend, which is at least $9,000 annually for each and every citizen. Especially for the old Singaporeans, they have missed out on decades of citizen dividend.

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