Aug 20, 2013

A citizen dividend would have helped this poor old cleaner woman

This is from Singapore news in August 2013. A very poor old woman stole a gold chain from a very young kid and pawn it for $1,200. A cleaner earns about $500 to $1000 per month. A part-time cleaner will get even less.

If only this woman had received her rightful citizen-ownership income of $9,000 annually. She wouldn't have to steal from the kid, or anybody. And there would be two less crimes.

A citizen-ownership dividend in Singapore will eliminate poverty immediately and effectively. 

The money is there. 
The political will is not. 
And citizens don't miss what they don't know.

It's time for citizens everywhere to learn about the Alaska Permanent Fund citizen dividend and the Mongolian citizen dividend. Those countries/states pay their citizens for being owners of their countries.

Woman fined for stealing from 4-year-old
"Singapore — A part-time cleaner was fined S$6,000 for stealing a gold chain and pendant from a four-year-old boy. Loi stole the items from the boy while they were in the lift."

"Investigations revealed that the victim was playing with his four-year-old cousin, using the lift to go up and down a block of flats. Loi, 51, then entered the lift at the tenth floor and stole the gold chain and pendant, valued at S$2,800."

"In mitigation, the defence stressed that Loi did not plan the theft. In addition, she was plagued by health problems and committed the crime due to financial difficulties.
Loi, who lives in a two-room rented flat with her odd-job worker husband, was ordered to pay the fine in instalments."

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