Jul 31, 2013

Macau Residents getting their "resident dividend" of US$1000 this month

Wealth Partaking Scheme 2013 
"In order to share the fruits of economic development with the general public, the Macao SAR government had announced the“Wealth Partaking Scheme 2013”, under which, local permanent residents would receive 8,000 patacas, whereas non-permanent residents 4,800 patacas. With the Administrative Regulation No.11/2013 gazetted, the scheme came into effect on 14 May 2013, and its implementation will officially start in July. "
Wealth Partaking Scheme begins payments this month (Macaudailytimes.com.mo)

8,000 patacas is worth US$1001.50. Macau residents regardless of age get this amount.

This is the envy of Singaporeans, who received GST vouchers worth much less than this value. With an equivalent amount, every Singaporean family of 4 would have received US$4006. Wow.

This is the envy of citizens from every country. 

Even Alaskans who have been receiving their resident dividends for many years. Alaskans got only US$878 last year.

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