Jul 10, 2013

Little Gini and the billionaires in Singapore

The billionaires have arrived.
They buy those 100 million dollar homes. Some very rich men get richer.
They buy many multi-million dollar cars. Some very rich car dealers get richer.  Other car owners put up $150,000 for COE (a government approval to buy a car, excluding the car price). Many not so rich people get poorer. Marginal car owners who cannot afford $150,000 give up their cars and take public transport. Rich public transport operators get richer.
They buy those 50 million coffeeshops (big cafes). Some very rich men get richer.
They increase rental for food stalls. Big investments need big returns. The not so rich stall operators get poorer.
The operators increase food prices.
Gini, mommy cannot afford your favorite chicken rice here.
Mommy will cook your favorite instant noodle for you, ok?
Love you, mom. But why are the prices going up all the time?

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