Jul 2, 2013

Alaskans getting less dividend from oil?

Alaskans should repeal state's massive oil revenue give-away
Les Gara
June 27, 2013
No company would give away billions of dollars to a business partner and say it's OK if it gets little in return. But that’s what the state did under the massive Alaska oil revenue rollback it passed. That should be reversed and re-written to protect Alaska's interests in our oil.
Here are some facts left out of industry ads and off placards held by the paid “protesters” whom political insider Art Hackney has hired to stand between you and the mostly volunteer referendum signature gatherers.
Alaskans will lose between $700 million and $2 billion each year in revenue under the new law, SB 21, depending on oil prices.
With less oil revenue coming in, the Alaska Permanent Fund will have less money coming in, and Alaskans will get less dividend from this fund?

Alaskans have to watch their Alaska Permanent Fund dividend very carefully.

More more details, please see this article:
New Debate Over the Future of the Alaska Dividend as the State Gives Tax Break to Oil Companies by Karl Widerquist

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