Jun 3, 2013

For the people? What does it mean?

Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

This is a very popular quote from Abraham Lincoln.
But what does it mean? 

For the people?

Every politician will have his favorite idea.

  • We tax you to help you.
  • We keep your money so that you don't squander it away.
  • We build this $1 trillion undersea garden so that people can relax there.
  • We send your children to war so that you will have peace.
  • We license the Internet so that you can read the right things. 

The best and truly "for the people" idea is the 
unconditional basic income, or unconditional citizen income.

The state common wealth is "for the people", with everyone, really everyone, receiving an equal share every year.

Every citizen gets a direct and substantial monetary benefit from a "for the people" democracy.

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