May 2, 2013

Poor citizen. Rich ruler. A bad combination.

Rich cabinet with no empathy for the poor (March 2013)
"I work with high-risk offenders, and I see in this cabinet individuals who display identical deficiencies in empathy, and who have no consideration for the more disadvantaged or the consequences of their actions."
"Instead of exhorting a government of millionaires to be fair and protect the poor, surely such renowned people should lay bare that fairness and protection is the last thing such a government will ever wish to achieve."
Why the Rich Don't Give to Charity - Ken Stern - The Atlantic:
"Wealth affects not only how much money is given but to whom it is given. The poor tend to give to religious organizations and social-service charities, while the wealthy prefer to support colleges and universities, arts organizations, and museums. Of the 50 largest individual gifts to public charities in 2012, 34 went to educational institutions, the vast majority of them colleges and universities, like Harvard, Columbia, and Berkeley, that cater to the nation’s and the world’s elite."

In many countries, the rulers are rich and the peasants are poor. In the USA, data shows most of the poor don't bother to vote. There is not much point in changing one rich cabinet for another rich cabinet, if you are poor.

But if a new party can promise a substantial citizen-ownership dividend, that could motivate everyone to vote for a real change.

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