May 20, 2013

France: Supreme Court supports citizen dividend?

Hollande Tries 66% -
'But on Friday it admitted defeat, citing the latest legal guidance from the Conseil d'Etat, France's highest administrative court. Constitutional principles also bar cumulative marginal taxation above 66% of income, be it from capital gains, inheritance, work, etc.'
'The "marginal maximum tax of two thirds, regardless of the source of income, must be regarded as the threshold beyond which a tax may be censored by the constitutional judge as being confiscatory or as imposing an excessive burden," the Conseil said Thursday.'

Can this latest legal guidance be the legal basis for a citizen-ownership dividend in France? Has François Hollande triggered a citizen dividend for France?

Citizen-ownership dividend is a citizen income that is taxed away at 100%. Based on this legal guidance, at least 34% of citizen dividend must be returned to citizens.

Citizen-owned Common Wealth


Citizen pockets
citizen-ownership dividend

Common Profit
hidden 100% tax

State coffers

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