Apr 17, 2013

Politician, businessman and citizen II

There is a name for the close tie between politicians and businessmen.

It is called "crony capitalism." It enables
"politicians and their friends to reap huge profits by gaining control of vast swaths of the country’s natural resources, often for nothing".
Scandal Bares Corruption Hampering India’s Growth - NYTimes.com

The separation of  business from politics is a very old problem. See The Separation of Business and State by Timothy Kuhner.

See this also: The Need for Separation of Business and State

"Apparently, when big business requests a “tax holiday”, it is not tax evasion but tax avoidance. We would all like a tax holiday to avoid paying taxes. Unfortunately, you and I do not have the lobbying power of multinational corporations behind us. That is, we do not have a whole political party behind us devoted to making us richer. "

Citizens need to watch over their common wealth, fight for their citizen ownership right and their rightful citizen ownership income.

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