Apr 5, 2013

A well kept secret: Alaska Permanent Fund

If you Google for Alaska Permanent Fund, you get 174,000 results.

If you Google for BR1M, you get 1,470,000 results.

Considering Google search interest, BR1M is at 100 while Alaska Permanent Fund is at 1.

BR1M is a new cash handout scheme by Malaysia. It is in its second year. BR1M 2.0. While the Prime Minister of Malaysia promises to make it an annual event, BR1M 3.0, BR1M 4.0 and so on, there is no guarantee.

The Alaska Permanent Fund is guaranteed by the Alaska Constitution. It has been paying annual dividends for 3 decades.

BR1M pays about five million households RM500 each (about US$160). APF pays nearly a million individuals about US$1000 to US$2000 each.

Yet, few people around the world know about such an important democratic institution.

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