Mar 1, 2013

Yes, computer. The tyranny of the man behind the computer.

'Amazon's human robots:every move dictated ."Workers of the World Unite. You have Nothing too lose but you chains"' johnstrange2008

Amazon unpacked - (Feb 2013)
By Sarah O’Connor
The online giant is creating thousands of UK jobs, so why are some employees less than happy?

Economists think the rise in insecure temporary, self-employed and part-time work, while a testament to the British labour market’s flexibility, helps to explain why economic growth remains elusive.

Amazon's human robots:
They trek 15 miles a day around a warehouse, their every move dictated by computers checking their work. Is this the future of the British workplace? | Mail Online:

Human workers walked 15 miles a day around a warehouse, dictated by computer programs and being monitored every second by the computer system.

There is no time for socializing with fellow workers or other "disruptions" to the computer programs.

Several former workers said the handheld computers, which look like clunky scientific calculators with handles and big screens, gave them a real-time indication of whether they were running behind or ahead of their target and by how much. Managers could also send text messages to these devices to tell workers to speed up, they said. “People were constantly warned about talking to one another by the management, who were keen to eliminate any form of time-wasting,” one former worker added.

There are few good jobs: a big reason for having an unconditional basic income.
Supervisors, managers, these jobs are replaced by computers.
No need for "Yes, Sir!"
Just follow the computer.
The industrial-era factory workers are back, except with even worse employment conditions.


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