Mar 26, 2013

A Swiss standard of living for Singaporeans

Budget surplus: $3.9b or $36b? � TR EMERITUS:
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If you include land sales and return on reserves, the government actually made a surplus of SGD 187 bn cumulatively during the eight years 2005-2012 compared to SGD 17.35 bn reported in the budget document.

 Land sales for 2012 was $27.97 billions. The earlier estimate was only $12 billions.

The earlier estimate of $9,000 annual citizen-ownership income per citizen is very much on the low side. It will not be surprising if the possible annual citizen-ownership income is $20,000 per citizen. A family of 4 would be missing out on their rightful citizen-ownership income of $80,000 every year.

This will be close to the standard asked for the Swiss unconditional basic income (SFr2,500 for adults and less for children).

The Singaporean dream of a Swiss standard of living can be realized, now.

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