Jan 22, 2013

Rich baby. Poor baby. Singapore.

Government releases new measures to promote marriage and parenthood.

Having blogged a few times comparing baby allowances in Singapore and Canada, it is good to see that the Singapore government has increased its baby bonus. For comparison, Canada gives a poor baby more than C$80,000 in direct cash. Rich babies in Canada get less.

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Main points of the new baby bonus package, for a family with 2 kids.
1. Rich parents enjoy $99,000 in cash, co-savings, tax savings, subsidies and about 16 months of paid leave. The paid leave could be worth $100,000s or $1,000,000s, depending on the parents' salaries.
2. Poor parents enjoy $12,000 in cash and $6,000 in CPF grant.
3. The Singapore government continues with its mindset that the rich should get more welfare than the poor.

Calculations for the new baby bonus package

In the new enhanced baby bonus package, 2 babies & parents will receive
$12000 cash
$12000 is co-savings (the parents must come up with another $12,000 for a special co-savings account)
$6000 in Medisave grants (to be locked up and used for special medical charges)
$16,000 in tax savings (provided the parents are paying this amount of tax)
$53,000 in infant care and child care subsides (the parents need to spend two or three times this amount in order to "enjoy" these subsidies)
4 months paid maternity leave per child
1 week paid paternity leave per child
6 days paid child care leave per yer per until until children reach 7, 2 days thereafter until children reach 12
The $ value for these leaves is estimated at about $67,000, leading to a grand total of $166,000.

Total leave per child= 4 months + 1 week + (6 days * 2* 7 + 2 days * 2 *5) = about 8 months

On the other end, if the mother prefers to stay at home to take care of her children, has no money for co-savings, and has no money for childcare (current rates are $1000 a month for each child), all she will get from this new baby bonus package will be
$12,000 cash and
$6,000 in Medisave grant (locked up in CPF)

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