Dec 14, 2012

Ending Poverty: A Basic Income for All Canadians

This is a book about Basic Income. By Francois Blais (Author). Jennifer Hutchison (Translator)

Notable quotes from the book:

"The .. thing that I would like this book to change for readers is how they perceive poverty and exclusion. These social problems should not be considered as part and parcel of the human condition. In fact, they are primarily caused by inadequate economic and social arrangements in which we have the power to intervene."

"Implementing a Basic Income could be one of the ideals that are noticeably absent today. It is a simple yet radical idea for changing our world and allowing a better life for those who truly need it."

Since citizens are owners of their country, citizen-ownership income is a right. When citizen-ownership income is seen as a right, deprivation of citizen-ownership income creates poverty. In many countries, such as Singapore or Kuwait, the citizen-ownership income is enough to bring every citizen above the poverty line. It becomes very clear that poverty in such countries is caused by inadequate political arrangement.

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