Nov 13, 2012

Update on the Switzerland Basic Income Petition

The initiative needs 100,000 signatures to force a nationwide vote on a Basic Income.

It has over 42,000 signatures after half a year. It has 1 more year to collect more signatures.
A Federal Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income

The following is the earlier post on this initiative:

The Swiss are trying for a Basic Income legislation !!! 

As reported in, Apr 12, 2012 - 16:03

"Signatures are being collected for a proposal aimed at introducing an unconditional basic income for everyone living in Switzerland.

Organisers of the initiative, launched in Bern on Thursday, consider a guaranteed income a civil right and stressed it was neither a redistribution initiative nor a call to abolish social welfare.

The group, including a former senior government official and an ex-chief economist of a leading Swiss bank, has 18 months to collect at least 100,000 valid signatures to force a nationwide vote on the issue.

They believe that with a basic income of SFr2,500 ($2,730) – children would receive a quarter of that – everyone could live in “dignity and freedom”, without being plagued by existential fears."

The Swiss allows normal citizens to initiate a legislation process, unlike countries such as UK or Singapore.

I wish the Swiss success with their Basic Income law.

More links on this petition:

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