Nov 21, 2012

Myth: Citizen income will make people lazy

Some people are worried that citizen income will make people lazy and stay away from work.

Here are the answers.


He won $3.4 million — then went back to work as janitor

Lotto winner to go back to work as gardener despite £2.2m jackpot 

Millionaire lottery winner goes back to job at McDonald's... because he misses his workmates

Woman who scooped £2.49m Lotto jackpot returns to work... as £6.30-an-hour Asda shelf stacker

"It just felt like I was in a dream": Hairdresser went back to cutting hair after scooping £4m lottery win

Winners at work

"It may seem crazy, but some lottery winners find they are happier working."

£7.7m lottery winners go back to work

Most Lotto Winners Would Go Back To Work
"For many Kiwis a million dollars is a huge sum of money, but it is not enough to quit work over. A recent survey carried out by NZ Lotteries revealed that if they won Lotto, 84% of people would keep working.

It’s an encouraging sign to see that so many people are happy in their work, as 50% would choose to keep working in the same job.

Eleven percent would take the opportunity to look for another job, while 22% would use the money to help them start out on another career path."

These are talking about million dollar winnings.

A citizen income will not make people lazy. It will prevent the poor from being exploited by a "free market". It will civilize employment.

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