Nov 19, 2012

Myth: Citizen Income is Redistributive

Redistribution has a negative meaning of robbing the hardworking to give to the lazy, or robbing the rich to give to the poor.

Basic income is sometimes linked to redistribution. For example, Professor Erik Olin Wright, in arguing for a basic income, lists this objection:

"There are, of course, many objections that can be raised against both of these proposals. Some of these objections are moral: basic income rewards people for being parasites; redistribution of wealth illegitimately takes assets away from people who have worked hard to build them up."

Since proponents of Basic Income do not specify the source of funding, people tend to assume it is from tax, and hence people think of redistribution.

In contrast, citizen income is very specific on the source of funding. It is distribution (not redistribution) of income that rightfully belongs to every citizen. It is returning a heavy tax that has been imposed without a clear legal authorization on every citizen.

Citizen income is returning to citizens what is rightfully theirs by virtue of their ownership of the country. Citizen income is justice.

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