Nov 7, 2012

Grace Fu and child benefits

Family values at heart of marriage & parenthood policies, not money: Grace Fu - Channel NewsAsia:

"Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Grace Fu said the package of baby bonuses and subsidies are to help parents mitigate costs - not a "prize" for having children.Today, a middle-income couple with two children in Singapore can get over S$80,000 in benefits till their younger child turns seven years old.

That's S$20,000 in Baby Bonus cash and co-savings, S$53,000 in infant care and child care subsidies, and S$10,000 in tax savings."

A poor family will get only "cash gifts" of $4000 for 1st kid and $4000 for 2nd kid.

A poor family who cannot afford to save money in special funds, or pay for child care, or earn enough for tax savings will get $0 from the other welfare.

A poor family will get $8,000 welfare for 2 kids, while a rich or "middle-income" family will enjoy $80,000 in benefits for 2 kids.

In sharp contrast, a poor family in Canada will get C$80,000 in child benefits for their first child, in cash.

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