Nov 8, 2012

Dubai citizens get free housing. Singapore?

According to an official UAE website,

"UAE citizens are also eligible for free or subsidised housing since access to modern comfortable housing is considered to be the right of every citizen."

"The UAE has three types of housing programmes: the first provides home loans and grants to nationals who own a piece of land, itself granted by the state. The second advances interest-free, long-term loans for nationals who can repay them. The third provides free housing for low-income nationals."

In case people think about Dubai's huge oil revenue, oil revenue is only a small fraction, 10% of Dubai's revenue. This report gives a long list of amazing benefits that citizens of Dubai get.

This is in sharp contrast to Singapore's situation. Although Singapore is a resource rich country, even the poor must pay for housing. It is claimed that a family with a monthly income of $1000 can afford to buy an $100,000 apartment from the government.

The differences reflect the totally opposite approaches of the two countries. One transfers the country's common wealth to its citizens' private wealth.

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