Oct 23, 2012

How to Procreate? � icomeiseeisighi

How to Procreate? � icomeiseeisighi

"The population kept dropping to a point of non-replacement, but no one bother? We need to import foreign people to replace us? �This is not a joke to a country that economy seems to be the most important thing. Politicians panic but not the people. What we should do is to find out why. We also knew that the government kept pointing finger at every other things, except the way the issue is managed."

This is one BIG reason. Money.

Compare fertility rate and basic income (child bonus/benefit/allowance) for children between Canada and Singapore.


Basic Income for each kid: C$80,000. Yes, believe your eyes, eighty thousand Canada dollars.
Children born per woman: 1.59  (CIA estimates for 2012)


Basic Income for each kid: S$4,000.
Children born per woman:: 0.78 (CIA estimates for 2012)

Singapore is a resource rich country, but Singaporean kids are not getting much cash from their country.

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