Oct 11, 2012

Americans' chance for a citizen-ownership democracy. The Green Party's offer.

Alaska has partial citizen-ownership democracy for a few decades. Every year, every Alaskan gets a thousand dollars or more just from being a resident in Alaska and a co-owner of their oil wealth.

Do Americans want a citizen-ownership income? The chance is here.

If they want, they should vote for the Green Party. The Green Party of the United States.

This is taken from the Green Party Platform:

D. Livable Income

We affirm the importance of access to a livable income.

1. We call for a universal basic income (sometimes called a guaranteed income, negative income tax, citizen's income, or citizen dividend). This would go to every adult regardless of health, employment, or marital status, in order to minimize government bureaucracy and intrusiveness into people's lives. The amount should be sufficient so that anyone who is unemployed can afford basic food and shelter. State or local governments should supplement that amount from local revenues where the cost of living is high.

The Green Party's Presidential candidate is Dr. Jill Stein.  http://www.jillstein.org/

Are the Americans so captivated by debate words, those of Obama and Romney, that they will forgo cash dividends year after year?

If only every country, UK, India, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, France, etc., has a political party that offers citizen income on its political platform.

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