Sep 23, 2012

Dreaming of a world free of hunger and want

Dreaming of a world free of hunger and want Rema Nagarajan 06 September 2012.

This article is from The Times of India.

"A basic minimum income for every human being is precisely what 71-year-old Leftist politician, economist and professor Senator Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy, believes is possible given the economic prosperity the world is seeing. And he intends to start with making this a reality in Brazil."

It's great news. Basic income is taking roots in Brazil.

Basic Income proposers should consider fighting for a citizen-ownership democracy. The Basic Income is bigger with a citizen-ownership democracy, and the foundation based on ownership rights is strong.

The most common question people ask about Basic Income is where the money is coming from. If it is about taxing the rich and middle class to redistribute to the poor, the idea becomes less acceptable. Citizen-ownership provides a strong alternative viewpoint. Citizens are getting what is rightfully theirs, and current democracies have been wrongfully practicing an extreme taxation on their income.

Actually, Senator Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy is proposing a citizen-ownership democracy:  "All the natural wealth and public assets of a country belongs to its people." But he is only asking for 10% of the common wealth to be distributed to citizens: "the people ought to have a share of the money earned from exploiting these resources. If we set aside 10% from such earnings to create a citizens fund, soon it will be possible to give a basic income to the citizens."

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