Sep 28, 2012

Citizen Education. You are the owners of your country.

This is a writing about Russia, from It is from the closing statement by Maria Alyokhina in the Pussy Riot trial in Russia.

"These people . . . this is yet another confirmation that people in our country have lost the sense that this country belongs to us, its citizens. They no longer have a sense of themselves as citizens. They have a sense of themselves simply as the automated masses. They don’t feel that the forest belongs to them, even the forest located right next to their houses. I doubt they even feel a sense of ownership over their own houses. Because if someone were to drive up to their porch with a bulldozer and tell them that they need to evacuate, that, “Excuse us, we’re going raze your house to make room for a bureaucrat’s residence,” these people would obediently collect their belongings, collect their bags, and go out on the street. And then stay there precisely until the regime tells them what they should do next."

Yes, people in many countries have lost the sense that their country belongs to them, the citizens.

Citizens need to be reminded, even educated, that citizens are the owners of their country. They own all the common wealth in their country. Ownership means money. 

Ask what your country can pay you, because you are the owners of your country.

This is what citizens should ask.

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