Oct 1, 2012

Alaska - another round of citizen-ownership income

Alaska announces another round of dividend for all residents: US$878. This is the citizen-ownership income, derived from part of Alaska's oil revenue.

This is what the Frank Gerjevic says in Anchorage Daily News, in Sep 2012:

"The dividend has sealed our status as an owner state, giving yearly, tangible, kitchen-table evidence that our resources are indeed owned in common and to be developed for the benefit of us all."

And the dividend goes to every resident regardless of age, as reported in the Alaska Dispatch:
"The oldest applicant was 107 years old, and the youngest was born "minutes before" the qualification deadline on December 31, 2011."

This is what citizen-ownership democracy is about. A political power - your vote. An economic power - the citizen income from common ownership of the country. Political and economic powers must go hand-in-hand for each and every citizen. Current democracy (mis)appropriated the economic power into the state, leaving big segments of their citizens in poverty.

A citizen-ownership income can eradicate poverty.

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